10 simple ways to Offer Kindness

10 simple ways to Offer Kindness


#1   Drop the #viralkindness card into your neighbours letter boxes offering your support at this time. (See here)

#2    Post a drawing in a random person’s mailbox.

#3    Leave a posy of flowers or potted cutting from your garden on a neighbour’s doorstep with a card.

#4    Purchase some pre-wrapped chocolates (think freddo frogs) and leave them at the service desk at a supermarket for service staff.

#5    Put a teddy bear in your window for families and children to find on their walk around the block. (see here)

#6    Chalk the footpath with drawings and affirming words and quotes.

#7    Pick someone from the church directory and write them a letter or share a positive story with them.

#8    Leave a thank you note or drawing on your letterbox for the post person.

#9    Share your positive experience of kindness during this time with others, email         commuications@manninghamuc.org so your story can be shared with more people.

#10 Call or email a friend and tell them why you value them.