Lent Reflection (week 6)

Lent Reflection (week 6)


Our reading this Sunday is Mark 11:1-11, Palm Sunday. (see bible reading here)

Our symbol is obviously palm leaves

This is the beginning of what we call Holy Week and reminds us of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, a welcome which contrasts Good Friday.

Palm Sunday is when people march for refugees – however this will not be happening this year given the COIVD-19 situation.

However, Rev Claire has written a prayer march which you can do from your own chair or walking safely around your backyard which draws on the ancient tradition of prayer walking.  It will be available on the church website in time for Sunday. 

On Sunday, you will also find our Palm Sunday worship and later in the week, a different style of Tenebrae service for Maundy Thursday, a self-guided Good Friday stations of the cross service, and of course our Easter Sunday celebration.  Each of these will include intergenerational activities and Lost Sheep stories to share.

And if you wanted to join in the Lenten studies, Claire has rewritten the Holy Habits studies to be self-guided and these will also be available on the church website.   Thank you for your patience as we navigate these ever changing times!

For pondering:

  • Who do we welcome into our cities with parades and palm branches?  
  • What does this say about us?
  • Again, what does this say to us in our time of social distancing and uncertainty?

Please remember to phone Rev Claire if you are anxious or concerned.

  • Megan 0417 558 376