We’re going on a bear hunt

We’re going on a bear hunt

place a bear in your window

Many Australian children know and love the book “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen. In these times of social / physical distancing it’s turn it into a neighbourhood game!

Put a teddy in a front window of your house for local kids to spot on their neighbourhood walks or drives. Teddies in windows likely to bring some much-needed smiles in what is a very difficult time for many.

Don’t have a teddy bear, no worries place a picture of a bear or get creative! Everyone can participate in this.

MUC members Tyler, Oliver and Zoe have placed teddies in their window and have begun looking for others on their daily neighbourhood walk!

Susan and Graham also placed one of Sue’s knitted teddies in their window and then a Notice on their picket fence to look up ‘to Spot our Teddy’ and ‘to Count how many Teddies you can see in our street’. 

See MUC teddy bears here

**If you intend to go out on a bear hunt please use common sense. We are currently allowed to go for walks outdoors in Australia, as long it’s not in groups and we must observe the 1.5m distance requirement. If you are in a busy neighbourhood where this is too difficult to manage, go for a driving hunt instead ?