Giving in a time of Crisis

Giving in a time of Crisis

We are all facing difficult times and some more than others. Even though we are not meeting physically we are doing many different ways to keep in touch.

Some, who are in a position to do so, have indicated that they would like to keep on giving. Some who are better off at this time have indicated they would like to give more generously. This may even lessen the burden on others.

There also are those who at this time are facing real financial difficulties or want to help friends and relatives who are in financial crisis and are not in a position to keep up your usual offerings to the Church for a while. That is fine.   

Some may be in a position of needing assistance rather than giving. Let us know about this as there are a number of ways the congregation has found to assist others and they really want to do so. Don’t be too embarrassed to deny others the chance to enjoy helping you and knowing that their donations of both money and goods are useful even though they will not know your names or circumstances.

“There is a time for everything” and this is a time for sharing – in both directions.

Offering and Donations Payment Options

In the light of the temporary closure of our worship services there are options available to continue giving regularly to the work of the church, if you so wish. But, of course if you are happy to hold onto your envelopes and place them in the offering bowl in the usual way when we return to worship, that is still ok.

Those of us who normally use our Sunday Service to place the planned giving envelopes, make a loose plate offering or a donation to a particular appeal into the offering bowl, can continue doing by using one of the following options.

1.   Deposit directly at any Bendigo Bank branch.

BANK: Bendigo Bank  
Account name: Manningham Uniting Church
BSB: 633 000
Account Number: 145504528       

We need to know who made the deposit and what the money is for. So when making a deposit please include a brief description. If you use planned giving envelopes, please place your own planned giving envelope number on the deposit slip (not your name) 

e.g. ‘Env 99’ or ‘offering’ or ‘Share Appeal’, etc 

The available space on the deposit forms, which are available at the bank is somewhat limited.

Please keep your envelopes with the amount deposited and date deposited then when we able to meet again at our place of worship, place the envelopes in the offering plate, so we can reconcile the amounts.

2.   Internet transfer 

Directly transfer funds from your account to the above account, making sure information about the deposit is included. (Again state the Planned Giving envelope number used by you)     

3.   Change to Direct Debit Giving

People who until now have made regular payments to the Planned Giving Program through the envelope system can arrange with Jeanette Bernet to give through a direct debit transferred from their bank account to our UCA funds cash account at whatever interval you would like. A form is required to complete this process – please contact Jeanette. 

4. Accumulating your envelopes

If you are accumulating your envelopes at home and would like them to be collected, please contact Jeanette Bernet who will arrange to pick them up from you.Or if you would like to post a cheque to P.O. Box 637, Templestowe 3106, we will make sure the amount is banked for you.

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