Lent Reflection (week 5)

Lent Reflection (week 5)


Our reading this Sunday is Mark 13:1-8, 24-37 which describes how the temple was destroyed the Romans. (see bible reading here – Mark 13:1-8, Mark 13:24-37)

Our symbol is a stone

Stones remind us of Satan tempting Jesus in the desert, the stones thrown at people regarded as sinners, and Peter as the rock or foundation of the early church.  When the Romans destroyed the temple, they took the stones and used them elsewhere thus destroying the centre of the Jewish faith.  

For pondering:

  • We are encouraged to be ready for God’s kingdom, but what might that look like? 
  • Perhaps a place of justice and grace?
  • What does this look like now that we are in a period of uncertainty and social distancing?

Please remember to phone Rev Claire if you are anxious or concerned.

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