Manningham UC online

Manningham UC online

In this space you will find:

  • our online worship space where we will be adding worship opportunities for you in your own space. For tomorrow there are two service options and a reflection opportunity
  • the latest updates from Church Council and the Ministry team
  • resources from our congregation members and other ministers and congregation to help you navigate this time while we’re not meeting in person as a community

We’ll also be adding in more content as we go, such as:

  • stories from you sharing how you are worshiping, living out your faith in these times, passing the time, and feel good stories from within the community – please feel free to reply to this email ( with your experiences and photos (especially photos from those who have participated in the intergenerational activities each week)
  • live streaming opportunities
  • group discussions and video conferencing connection points 

As this is the first week we are worshiping online it would be great if you are able to provide some feedback from your experiences. What worked for you? What didn’t work? What excited you about worship this week? Is there anything else you would like to see? Feel free to send feedback through –