History of the grumpies

History of the grumpies

The Grumpies began about ten Years ago when we learned that Frank always had coffee at Michel’s Patisserie at the Pines every Tuesday afternoon. A few of us thought it un-neighbourly for him to be on his own so we made point of joining him. We have done so on most Tuesday afternoons ever since.

At first our numbers were small but over the years others joined to the extent that we now draw from a group of about seventeen with attendances ranging been eight and fifteen.

Over the years we have lost some wonderful people, including our Holy Trinity – Laurie, John and Alan. However we have been very fortunate in finding others to help maintain our numbers.

Our main purpose is simply to socialise, with friends, over a mug (note mug) of coffee. However, some newcomers prefer hot chocolate with marshmallows. It is simply coincidental that we discuss major world problems and endeavour to find solutions. So far we have been spectacularly unsuccessful.

The original Grumpies were from Pilgrim (formerley Westfield Drive) but we now have a few from the former Templestowe and former Andersons Creek Road who attend. We would welcome more.

There is a serious side to Grumpies. It performs a significant pastoral care role. We keep our ears open to hear of problems members, or others, may be experiencing and try to offer support.

The late Rev Dr John Bodycomb once told me that in all the churches with which he had been associated he had never been involved in a group like The Grumpy Old Men.

We hope to see this group have a life beyond ours because it meets a real need whilst providing a great deal of pleasure.

(unofficial spokesman).

PS. We are not really grumpy