Lent Reflection (week 4)

Lent Reflection (week 4)


This Sunday’s reading is Mark 12:28-44 and includes a story where a scribe genuinely listens to Jesus and wants to learn more about his thinking. (See bible reading here)

Our symbol is bread

Jesus is described as the bread of life and reminds us of the feeding miracle with loaves and fish, manna in the desert, and communion services.  Sitting and sharing a meal together is a sign of friendship because, as we talk and as we eat, we learn more about others.  Jesus often sat and ate with people no one else would, people considered by others to be sinners. 

For pondering:

  • Identify the times in your week when you share a cuppa or a bite to eat with someone else.  It might be after church on a Sunday morning, it might be with a friend.  Why are these times significant?
  • Have you heard about Feast4Freedom?  It’s being supported by our Mission team and Connections.  You log onto https://feastforfreedom.org.au/ for recipes, invite some friends for dinner and ask for donations to Asylum Centre Resource Centre.  Contact the church Hub for more information.