Easter Services Explained

Easter Services Explained

Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday traditionally begins Holy Week with the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem – this is when we become green in the church as we decorate the worship space with palm branches. It’s also the date of the Palm Sunday march showing support for people seeking refuge and asylum. There is always a group from our church which marches with our Manningham banner so join us, more details from the social justice group – info@manninghamuc.org

At the Sophia service at 6pm on Palm Sunday, we will explore freedom of speech through the lens of Christian ethics – apt following the march and when we consider a Roman political motive for Jesus’ crucifixion.


‘Maundy’ comes from the word ‘mandate’ or commandment which Jesus gave to us at the Last Supper – love one another. Therefore, Maundy Thursday is again a day when we reflect on how we live with and behave towards other people. It’s the day the church traditionally celebrates the Last Supper when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and from which comes our celebration of communion. In some churches, this is the day the oil used for anointing people during the year is blessed – it’s called chrism oil.

The colour for Maundy is purple. We will hold a quiet, reflective service focusing on the Easter story through prayer, readings and poetry. During the service, we travel from light to darkness and leave the church in silence. Westfield Drive at 7pm.

‘Good’ Friday?

According to tradition, this is the day that Jesus died on the cross. Around the world, this is remembered through services called Stations of the Cross where the cross literally moves through the worship space in a meditative rhythm. Good Friday may have come from ‘God Friday’ or the phrase ‘God be with you’ which we have shortened to ‘goodbye’. It’s also called Holy Friday or Black Friday.

The colour is black. Our service will involve moving symbolically through the stations of the cross whilst reflecting on current justice issues. It will incorporate symbolism and ancient ritual to create a rhythm of worship. 9am at Westfield Drive.
Holy Saturday
Some Christian churches hold vigils on the Saturday traditionally outside around a brazier or fire, keeping hopeful watch. They may light the Paschal candle or Christ candle from the brazier and carry it into the church to symbolise the resurrection. We will not have an Easter service but the Church of Christ in Doncaster will be holding a dawn service on Easter Sunday, gathering to watch the sunrise and celebrate the resurrection, following the footsteps of the first women arriving at the tomb.

Easter Sunday

This is the day we celebrate the resurrection – the colours in church are white and gold and flowers can now come back in. Our service will be at 10am at Westfield Drive and will celebrate the resurrection through song, drama and communion. Some Christians believe in the physical resurrection of the body of Jesus, others believe in a spiritual resurrection within the hearts of the disciples. If you are wanting to explore faith questions like these, speak to Claire as we have a new monthly small group starting soon.