Drop off day – EWaste & Chemicals

Drop off day – EWaste & Chemicals

The Manningham Council is organising a free waste drop off day on Saturday 14 March as was held last year. If you have items such as computers, printers, cables, small electronic toys, paint, household batteries, polystyrene blocks or flattened cardboard, you can drop them off at the depot in Blackburn Road.  

Last year, for those who could not get to the drop off depot, some MUC members brought their e-waste to Westfield Drive and this was transported to depot in bulk. 

This year, we are encouraging all members to arrange to drop off items themselves. It is a well-organised and simple operation but you need to register for a time slot on manningham.vic.gov.au/waste-drop-off-day.

However, if you are unable to do this, you will be able to bring your e-waste to WFD and we will arrange to drop it off on the day.

As well, the following week on Saturday 21 March, there is an opportunity to dispose of toxic and unwanted household chemicals without harming your health or the environment. Chemicals might include glues, paint stripper, rat poison, disinfectants, acids and cooking oils. For a list of acceptable items and to register please visit sustainability.vic.gov.au/detoxyourhome. Registrations are essential and drop off locations will be provided once you have registered. There is no opportunity to drop these items off at WFD.