Spectrum Update

Spectrum Update

Spectrum’s first meeting for the year was a great success as all but three members gathered in the lounge room at the home of Mary and Peter on the 11 February to have a good chat catching up on Christmas and holiday news. We also had the chance to open the vocal cords with a good old fashioned singalong with Trish directing and Lauris, as always, expertly tinkling the ivories.

It was great to see how much car sharing had occurred in getting to the meeting which is great from the point of view of caring and thoughtfulness of each other, for the environment and towards suburban neighbours in not cluttering up the street with parked cars. Thank you ladies. It was so good to be amongst you all again.

Our next meeting will be in the WFD Meeting room at 7.30pm on Tuesday 10 March and will feature Amanda Tuohy an artist of considerable expertise with a vivacity of presentation. There will be paintings available for sale for those interested, but absolutely no expectations that you must purchase. It has been decided to advertise this as an OPEN meeting for interested folk from the church community, friends and of course any interested husbands.

On 14 April we will meet at the home of Lillian and Ian and welcome Chris Mitchell as our speaker. In addition she will lead us in a post Easter time of devotion. Again a warm welcome to anyone interested in hearing Chris.

Spectrum ladies would like to thank those people who attend Fellowship@10 for the generous way in which they support our cake stalls held three or four times each year.

We would like you to know that your generosity in December enabled Spectrum in January to donate $400 to the victims of the recent devastating fires in Victoria. Also in 2019 we donated $200 to  fire victims in both Queensland and NSW – that is a total of another $400.

Hoping to see some new faces swell our Spectrum ranks in 2020 even if just on an occasional basis – you will always be assured a warm welcome.