Lent Reflection (week 1)

Lent Reflection (week 1)

During Lent, the Young Explorers at Family@10 are going to bring symbols into church as part of our worship services.  We wonder if everyone might like to get involved at home.

Each week, we will send the reading for the following Sunday and the symbol for you to think about with a few notes.  We hope you find them useful.

Don’t forget our two Ash Wednesday services – 7pm on Wed 26th Feb and 11.30am communion on Thurs 27th Feb.  

Or our Lenten study ‘Holy Habits’ – please book your place by contacting Gwyn or Rev Claire.  

These Lent studies are being offered: Mon 10-12, Mon 7-9, Tues 1-3 and you need to book.

Bible Reading

Our first reading for 1 March is Mark 10:17-31 – the rich man is called to sell all he has and follow Jesus. (see bible reading here)

Our symbol is the ashes

Ashes symbolise humility, death and repentance in First Testament and remind us of our own Ash Wednesday services.  In Australia, ash reminds us of bushfires too, particularly this year.  

The rich man had so much to give up in order to follow Jesus.  Some people give up something they enjoy for Lent and then give the money they save to the Uniting Lenten Appeal.  Uniting Lenten Appeal information will be available in every church.

For pondering:

  • How have you been affected by the fires this year or in previous years?   
  • How do you connect this to Lent?  
  • Is there something you could do for Lent Event this year?