Back to School Service

Back to School Service

A great service of participation from all those involved in school, youth and children’s activities at MUC in the coming year!

During the service, those from kinder to university were asked to come forward individually to accept a lit candle (which was blown out before we got back to our seats – for safety reasons!!!). and to take home to remind us that the whole MUC family is thinking of them as they start a new stage in their lives.

Acknowledged were those involved with Play Group, Messy Church, Kids Hope, Fresh, Explorers, Teachers, Lecturers, Carers, Teacher aides, Youth 2020 and of course all our students. 

Our little Foundation students (which used to be known as Prep Class) were very excited to be starting school as were the kinder children and especially those attending secondary school for the first time. 

All had a contribution to make which made the service very inclusive.

It was a wonderful service of togetherness and the whole Church was involved. Claire, of course led the service with enthusiasm and her message was to embrace the new situations that we will experience in 2020 with energy and enthusiasm.