Never left to Struggle Alone

Never left to Struggle Alone

I bet the angel that appeared to Mary didn’t have bright, orange-dyed hair. 

Mine did. 

At the time I was struggling through an unfamiliar cavernous supermarket, trying to drag a broken basket on wheels towards the checkout. 

I was hot and bothered when suddenly my ‘angel’ appeared. 

Unbeknownst to me she had witnessed my struggle and offered to help me.  

She took the recalcitrant basket, shepherded me towards the checkout, unloaded my groceries and after seeing me safely on my way disappeared into the supermarket again.

And do angels drive Mercedes? 

A chance meeting with this ‘angel’ did. She went out of her way to drive us home in her large Mercedes after my husband was discharged from hospital. She wouldn’t hear of us calling a taxi, which we had planned on doing.

And what about the ‘Helper’ Jesus promised his disciples after he had gone from their sight? 

Someone recently told me two stories that illustrate that the ‘Helper’ still comes to our aid.

The first incident occurred when the person was out walking. At the time he was feeling depressed, when he saw something nestling in the grass. Stooping to see what it was he saw it was a china mug with the words ‘You are loved’ printed on the side. Below the words was the Biblical reference, Philippians 5: 1-7.  

It was just what he needed.

The second incident occurred when he was also out walking. A young tradesman he didn’t know gave him a beaming smile.  His spirit was lifted as a result of that smile. 

A lady with orange hair, another who drove a large Mercedes, a discarded mug and a smile from a stranger, all served as timely reminders that we are never left to struggle alone.