Concert at Mercy Place

Concert at Mercy Place

Sixteen children from seven families who attend Family@10 put on a concert at Mercy Place where Wilma (a regular attendee at Family@10) lives.

The children sang some of the songs from their school musicals as well as songs they have learnt at Young Explorers.

It was a fun afternoon with time after the concert to chat with the residents before afternoon tea. We all had a most enjoyable time and have been invited to come back again next year.

Dear Young Explorers,
Thank you for coming to Mercy Place and singing and dancing for us. Everybody thought it was great and hope you will come back again. We had lots of happy people at teatime as they had so much fun with you!! Our thanks to Grant, Chris and Merryn for helping. A big bear hug for each of you.

Wilma, on behalf of the Residents of Mercy Place.