Funeral Workshop Recap

Funeral Workshop Recap

The funeral worship held at Westfield Drive on 4 December  was extremely helpful and informative. Megan opened proceedings and introduced James and Peter from Bethel Funerals* who gave a comprehensive presentation about what to do to plan for a funeral and happily answered all questions.

The presentation began with the useful information that if someone dies at home, the first call is to the ambulance. The paramedics are able to sign the death certificate to save calling the doctor also. The funeral directors are available 24/7 to take the deceased person back to their premises to prepare the body for burial.

At Manningham UC, when a funeral is to be planned, first call should be to Rev Claire, who will be able to tell you where and when it is possible to hold the funeral. She will meet with the family and Funeral Directors to plan the service.

An important suggestion was to fill out a personal profile record and keep in an accessible place. This information should include place and date of birth, marriage details, father and mother’s names and occupations as well as details of children. This information is needed for the Funeral Directors to register the death with the Department of Births Deaths and Marriages.

Most Funeral Directors will offer pre-paid funeral packages. Bethel also offers Funeral Bonds as a means of building up the amount held for a funeral.  

The people who attended the Funeral Workshop felt it was very worthwhile and consideration will be given to running another workshop in 2020.

*Bethel Funerals is a not-for profit organisation