Spring together recap

Spring together recap

WOW! We certainly did all spring together at the beautiful Merricks UC site. The weather was springy as well!

From yoga to canoeing, inter generational activities and quiet reflective time it was all happening.

The proximity to Melbourne makes it attractive, as those who only had a day could still be part of the programs.

Over the weekend, I was constantly thinking how lucky I was to belong to a community that is inclusive, fun and friendly. The vibe in the community space where we gathered to eat and ‘play’ and generally socialise was positive and happy and the fact there were many young children ensured a constant hum of activity. One could always retreat to the comfortable accommodation if some solitude was required.

One of the highlights of church camp is being able to spend quality time with others and enjoy getting to know them on a deeper level and actually have a long conversation.

There are many wonderful and interesting people in our church all on different journeys and as we braved the gale force winds on Bushrangers Bay on Saturday the conversations flowed. Likewise, as we strolled along the Point Leo beach on Sunday morning we all learnt something new about each other. I especially enjoyed hearing and reading about the early days of the area from some very knowledgeable members.

We finished camp with a church service led by Rev Claire and many participants.

Without our very capable and competent Spring Together Team this wouldn’t happen, so a big thanks to all involved for keeping us well fed and involved.