History Snapshot – Caledonian Fair 1910

History Snapshot – Caledonian Fair 1910

Originally published in the Reporter (Box Hill, Vic: 1889-1918) Friday 23 September 1910 on page 2.

Copy courtesy of National Library of Australia.

A Caldedonian fair was held on Friday and Saturday in the mechanics’ institute at Templestowe for the purpose of raising funds for the erection of a vestry at the Templestowe Presbyterian church, and to generally renovate the building. The fair was opened on Friday afternoon by Mrs. Robert Harper, who, notwithstanding the torrents of rain, motored out from the city.

Mrs Harper was received at the door of the hall by the minister, the Rev. Alex. Hardie, the Misses Laidlaw and other members of the committee. Mrs Harper said that she had great pleasure in opening the fair, for she believed that bazaars, apart from their financial objects, did a great amount of good socially in bringing the people of a district together and encouraging them to take greater interest in the great work which the church had to do. Mrs Gilbert Smith’s little daughter Mary presented a pretty basket of Templestowe wild flowers to Mrs. Harper, who subsequently set a good example by inspecting the fair and purchasing generously from each stall. The bazaar was well patronised, particularly on Saturday night, when the proceedings were enlivened by musical selections by Miss Schukraft (of Croydon), Miss Irvin (of Heidelberg) and a company of Highland lads and lassies, who enraptured the audience by their sailor’s hornpipes, jigs, reels, sword dances, club swinging, and bar drill, performed to the accompaniment of a screeching, skirling and shrieking bagpipe! Mr. Petty’s gramophone also contributed to the entertainment on Friday night.

Over £21 was realised on Friday, and the total receipts were £53. A credit balance of £50 is anticipated. The honorary secretary, Mrs. Ross, had a large share of the burden of the fair on her shoulders, but she carried out her duties well. Splendid work, both at the fair and in making preparations for it, was also done by the following ladies and gentlemen who supervised the stalls and side shows:- Drapery, Mrs. Hardie, Mrs. Geo. Smith, Miss. Hardie; produce, Mrs. Svenborg, Miss. J. Smith; flowers, Misses Ross. Crichton, Hawthorn. M. and I. Smith; sweets, Misses Stella Andrew, Pearl Bernard and Edith Hewish; cakes, Mrs. Aumann; refreshments, Mrs. Gilbert Smith, Max Ross, Miss Agnes Smith, Mr. Fred. Smith; shooting gallery, Messrs.  W. and Alex Ross; bran pie, Masters Alan Smith and Don. Andrews; fishpond, Mr Aumann.