Catching a bus or train earlier than was necessary was a habit of my English grandfather William. His habit caused amusement in the family as it meant he often caught a bus or train before the one he needed to.

I’m glad we followed his custom when the tram we caught en route to a train station ground to a halt mid-journey. A truck involved in an accident was blocking the way.

In order to determine how long we would be delayed for, the tram driver announced that she was leaving the tram to investigate.

It was a weird feeling to be abandoned mid-journey along with other passengers. 

Soon the driver returned and imparted the news that a tow truck was on its way. The damaged vehicle was soon removed and we resumed our journey.  

Because we had caught an earlier tram than was necessary, we arrived at the train station in time to catch our train. 

This scenario came to my mind when I was considering another.

At the time I was suffering overload. What bliss when I sat in a chair and closed my eyes.

In the quietness, and the darkness afforded by my closed eyes, I realised I didn’t need elaborate rituals or special places to say ‘hello’ to God for he is always present and will never abandon me.