What might be…

What might be…

What might be the outcomes and relationships that flow from the Manningham Uniting Church (MUC) and community priorities and development of the new building?

MUC exists as part of a much larger community. As a Uniting Church it reflects the UCA vision of ‘seeing a nation where each person and all creation can flourish and enjoy abundant life’, as expressed in seven foundational areas:

  • A First Peoples Heart
  • Renewal of the Whole of Creation
  • A Welcoming, Compassionate and Diverse Nation
  • An Economy for Life
  • An Inclusive and Equal Society
  • Flourishing Communities, Rural, Remote and Urban
  • Contributing to a Just and Peaceful World

Full vision can be found at: https://uniting.church/visionstatement2019/

As part of the City of Manningham, MUC can also reflect City Council’s focus on a healthy, resilient and safe community; and a connected and inclusive community. The four focus areas of Manningham City Council’s Healthy City Framework relate well to UCA foundations. Full strategy: http://www.manningham.vic.gov.au/file/28636/download

Jesus demonstrates walking with, supporting and challenging each other with equality and respect. MUC now has the opportunity to further develop its existing social justice commitments in ways that can reflect and build the broader UCA foundational areas, its own objectives of relationship, hospitality, risk-taking and being Christ-centred, and the goals of the Manningham community. The new building will be a deliberate tool for these purposes.

MUC can, amongst many other things…

  • Be very purposeful about First Peoples sovereignty of the land and develop clear relationships with Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs)
  • Further build relationship with local primary and secondary schools and listen to and support ideas for future actions of our young people
  • Provide hospitality and welcome in many ways, including a public café
  • Be purposefully intergenerational
  • Provide recreation areas and safe play spaces for children, youth, parents, grandparents, carers
  • Be aware of and provide for the needs of older community members, those with a disability, those with dementia, those who are lonely and isolated
  • Support a variety of local community services with spaces to meet, or co-locate
  • Be available, welcoming, interested and open to all.