Global Warning Recap

Global Warning Recap

The recent production from Fresh Theatre was another high quality and successful event. Global Warning was a very successful climate change themed performance devised by the participants and drawn together by Jordan and the team. 

The Cave at Atkinson Street was an ideal setting and, although people turned up on the Saturday night without tickets and so had to be squeezed in, it was the best performance of the four. 

Gail and Alistair ran a session early on so the group could organise their thoughts and gain more knowledge around climate change. They were very well received. Synod Theology and Arts officer, Christina Rowntree, attended by invitation and is interested in publicising another performance in the Cave to support a climate change project she is working on with churches.  

David did an amazing job with the photography and the young people really took to him.

All in all a very successful event, and congratulations to all who were involved in it. As well as those directly involved in the play many people cooked dinners and supplied afternoon teas, all of which helped make the production the success that it was.

Rev. Claire Dawe took three Fresh participants to the Somers Leadership Conference at the end of April funded by the church, along with two Doncaster College students.  They thoroughly enjoyed it and fully participated, another positive outcome from the Fresh work.

Commenting on the Fresh programme, Claire said, “I feel the programme is making a difference in the lives of the young people participating and their families through the ripple effect.  We are fortunate to have such a talented team of leaders to run the programme.”