Spectrum May Meeting

Spectrum May Meeting

Spectrum had a really successful meeting on Tuesday 14 May both in the numbers present (thank you to the men folk who joined us, your presence was both noted and appreciated) and the quality of our speaker Ralph Boyne, and his subject matter very topical, the history of the Shrine, given the proximity to Anzac Day.

Perhaps the most interesting and for me inspiring piece of information was that the cost of the Shrine was totally met by the Victorian public and the state government did not have to contribute at all.

Ralph told the story of an inner suburban school who had a painted white square on its asphalt and every day those students wishing to contribute would place their few coins within this painted square where they would quite safely remain until after school on a Friday when they would be collected by two designated students, counted and handed to the principal who placed them in a jar. I presume that all participating schools had a similar method of contributing.

A very thought provoking, appropriate and well-resourced devotion was delivered by Joy Raftopolous.