Manningham Fresh Youth Theatre – Global Warning

Manningham Fresh Youth Theatre – Global Warning

Fresh Youth Theatre Manningham has been running for over five years at Manningham Uniting Church in Templestowe and has become a safe place for many young performers over that time. Fresh is a place to build confidence, meet like-minded people and expand ideas and opinions about issues prevalent in our lives. For me, Fresh has been a safe place where I can always be heard and accepted and share my feelings and thoughts with people like me. Every show has its own topic, focus and message and not one show is the same. The ‘Freshies’ create two eye-opening shows each year that focus on a current issue in our society that directly affects our lives.  

This season the focus of our performance will be climate change, and we have been delving into all aspects of climate change to develop a show that will not only entertain but also educate and plant a seed of thought in the audience’s minds and encourage them to leave knowing that they can help enhance the health of the planet by doing little things every day. The show will highlight the damage that the actions of humans can cause and provide insight into one possible future that could come from the significant impact humans have on the earth.  

The performance will be based around a group of people in the future that live many millions of years after humans destroyed the earth, as they continued to damage it. They live together in a cave and receive all their knowledge from an elder that has had stories of past times passed down to her through generations. The elder’s stories have altered slightly over the years but still convey the downfall of humans and all the ways that they caused damage to the earth. The show addresses the things that humans are currently doing and the way that they impact the earth, as well as the political and economic side of climate change. It also explores climate change and its effects from many perspectives, including people who are directly influenced, politicians that rely on money made from practices that negatively contribute to climate change and people who do not believe that climate change is a legitimate problem.  

The Manningham ‘Freshies’ have worked hard on creating an entertaining, thought-provoking, funny show and would love for anyone to come see it!  

The show will take place in ‘The Cave’ below the MUC Atkinson Street church building on Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd June, with performances each day at 2pm and 7pm. 

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Millie (Fresh Theatre participant)