Manningham Connecting Communities Pop-up Kitchen Trailer

Manningham Connecting Communities Pop-up Kitchen Trailer

Through Emma Hanna, our Missional Community Development Worker, MUC has played a significant part in the development of the Manningham Council’s fabulous new ‘Pop-up Kitchen Trailer’. The trailer is available for use for groups and individuals within Manningham to foster community cohesion.

While MUC is planning to use it at the opening of Stage 1 of our new building, scheduled for later in the year, and perhaps for other community events, we are hoping members of our congregation will also use it.

The trailer includes a large, gas fired hot plate at the rear, as well as a built in entertainment system from which to entertain and make announcements. It comes complete with a hot water system, BBQ cooking utensils, cleaning gear, chairs and tables, bowls, buckets, fire blankets and first aid kit; in short anything you really need for a ‘pop-up’ kitchen BBQ. It can be readily towed by anyone with a reasonably sized car.

Our hope is that some of you will decide to use the trailer to help your neighbours get to know each other better. The brutal reality is that Australia is in the midst of a loneliness crisis, with many in our population experiencing a social disconnect; that is that many folk do not enjoy meaningful relationships in their lives to sustain and nurture them, particularly through difficult times – see So a ‘Street Party’, using the Pop-up Trailer, is one way of enabling your neighbourhood to engage and perhaps help someone who feels disconnected or lonely. It is quite simple to organise and the Manningham Council has provided comprehensive guidelines on how to go about the task, e.g. sending out invites, booking the trailer, towing and setting it up.

If you feel you may like to have a street party in your patch, see Jill or Don who will talk you through the process and provide the necessary printed guidelines.