Persian New Year Feast a Memorable Night

Persian New Year Feast a Memorable Night

Sadegh and Fouzieh’s ‘Persian New Year Feast’ last Saturday evening (30/3/2019) at Westfield Drive was a memorable night of delicious Iranian food, music and dance, enjoyed by 120 guests.  There was a talented saxophone player and then later in the night a lovely Persian dancer who entertained us. A highlight for me was seeing some of the children join in the dance with the dancer while guests clapped along with the music.

Sadegh, Fouzieh and their team worked extremely hard, dealing with challenges with calmness and good grace throughout the night. We thank them for their skill and dedication enabling the provision of such delicious food.

The evening was celebrating the Persian New Year, which was on 21st March. A special display in the foyer showed symbols starting with the Persian letter ‘s’, which is traditionally shown at this time of year. Sadegh explained the meaning of these:

•  Sabzeh (sprouted wheat grass): For rebirth and renewal

•  Samanu (sweet pudding): For affluence and fertility

•  Senjed (sweet, dried lotus tree fruit): For love  

•  Serkeh (vinegar): For patience and wisdom gained through aging

•  Sir (garlic): For medicine and maintaining good health

•  Sib (apples): For health and beauty

•  Sumac (crushed spice made from reddish berries): For recalling the sunrise

            Additional items on the table included:

•  Mirror: To reflect on the past year

•  Live goldfish in a bowl: To represent new life

•  Coins: For future prosperity

Thanks to the many people who contributed to the running of the night, including those who sold tickets, set up the hall, provided fruit platters, served and co-ordinated, washed up and packed up. What a great community effort!

Here is some feedback from some guests:

‘One of the key things I appreciated was the level of conversation and sense of communal adherence. Support for Fouzia, Sadegh and family was heartfelt. Grass root solidarity was simply evident by the number of tickets sold.’  G.P.

‘Dear Fouzieh and Sadegh,  Thank You –  It was a wonderful night last night.  Your Persian Feast was delicious, and we very much appreciated all your work, and the care you put into giving us a good time.  The lovely table in the Foyer with candles and special things on it was especially nice, and was a lovely greeting to everyone. Thanks again for a very enjoyable night.’ E.D.

Thanks to all who attended and others who could not attend but donated. $500 profit made will be given to support the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.