Urgent: More help needed for English Conversation Class!

Urgent: More help needed for English Conversation Class!

The English Conversation Class has commenced again this year with a significant increase in numbers each week. Last year we regularly had at least 10-15 students each week but this year it is closer to 30 students. We do very little advertising but the word seems to have got around! While it is wonderful to see so many attending the classes it does place pressure on the small number of helpers. Can you help?

The class meets each Friday morning at WFD from 10 am to 12pm during school terms and we are now coming towards the end of Term 1. We have covered a diverse range of topics so far this term such as Celebrations, Australian Government, Visiting a Doctor, English Proverbs and Colour. We try to keep our sessions simple but informative and fun. Giving our students a glimpse of Australian life has particularly been our focus.

Our students come predominantly from China & Iran but we also have had students from many other countries. Our helpers (tutors) sit with small groups of students and using worksheets and other activities encourage them to speak English.

It has been a particular delight to see some of our long term students having the confidence to stand up in front of the class and speak in English. This was especially the case when discussing English proverbs. We asked our students to share proverbs from their own countries with the result being the whiteboard covered in their responses!

Personally, being involved in this program has not only given me the pleasure of helping new arrivals improve their grasp of English but also allowed me to get to know and work alongside other members of our church that I may not normally get to know.

So, if you can speak English and have time on a Friday morning, would you consider supporting this class with your time and expertise? You would not be required every week, just when you can but if you could be part of our roster that would be a great help.

If so, please contact Marion or Trish 03 03 9846 2012 info@manninghamuc.org