Looking for the Spirit …

Looking for the Spirit …

It’s easy to think that people have no room in their lives for anything spiritual, just as there was no room in the inn for Mary and Joseph. But I believe the irrepressible spirit won’t be beaten, and can be found in unexpected places

Two recent instances come to mind.

After my husband was admitted to hospital for an overnight stay, I needed to get home. So I decided to try out public transport. On the first leg of my journey I caught a bus. The bus was crowded yet a woman got up and offered me her seat. She was not model-thin, nor would she have won any awards for her overall appearance, but kindness shone from her smiling face. As she stood in the aisle and held onto the rail beside me, I thanked her for her kindness, and we began to talk. She told me she was a full-time carer for her young granddaughter and was on her way to the child’s school. 

In an unfamiliar suburb I was glad when she told me when to get off the bus and where to catch the tram that would take me the final stage of my journey home.

I was touched by her cheerful acts of kindness.

Returning to the hospital the next day to collect my husband, I didn’t expect the conversation we had with his roommate. He was a rugged, well-built man who had been part of a medical team in the Vietnam War. Before we said ‘goodbye’ to him he surprised us by divulging that he was brought up a Presbyterian. Although no longer a churchgoer, from what he said he still believed in the presence of God. As well he recounted an incident when his life was saved. He attributed this to the power of prayer.

From my recent experiences I believe the Spirit can’t be killed off or confined to a building. Instead, as the shepherds and wise men discovered, we just have to look in unexpected places.