What is Café Church

What is Café Church

Café Church takes place in a local café against the background of Saturday morning netball, family gatherings, catch-ups among friends and quiet coffee for couples.

The morning begins with The Agape Meal.

Blessing of the Meal – We begin our morning worship by sharing together Jesus’ meal of remembering to sustain our souls. We gather to share in God’s love.

The Communion – Sharing that food and drink which sustains the life of God in us. Sharing bread and water.

The Commission – We have received the bread and the cup, may we be sustained with life and love, and may we also proclaim Jesus’ teachings and follow in his way.

Continuing our fellowship and discussion with the topic of the day.

Introduction of the topic by the discussion leader.

Invited contributions and free-flowing discussion by the group members on the personal significance of the topic to them.

The Benediction

Our meal is ended, but God’s banquet continues as we go from this place. Let us take the banquet into the world and never give up until all people are fed. May God’s blessings be upon us, and may we be channels of peace and justice.

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.