On Being ‘On Duty’ at MUC in January

On Being ‘On Duty’ at MUC in January

I have learnt so much about MUC this January. I know who escapes to the beach in the summer, Moses has a great fan in his office, the lack of school traffic makes a HUGE difference on the roads, and there is a beautiful blue tongue lizard who likes to sun himself by the hub front door. 

Whilst the wonderful volunteers have been away, I have learnt how to fill the copier with paper, use the laminator, answer the phone (although I can never help anyone) and work out how to water the vegetable garden. 

Although it feels like I’ve been around for a while (some might claim it feels like an eternity) I’m still on this journey of discovering things for the first time. Lucas has been sharing how MUC celebrates the Easter season and we’ve started thinking about things like Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, how we can tell the story with integrity to all ages. It’s new to me, different and exciting. 

Some of you might be discovering things for the first time too – maybe it’s a new job, maybe starting school or entering a new class. On the first Sunday of February, we will be celebrating going back to school and uni with a service at Family@10. I’ll be looking out for other rites of passage to celebrate, stories we can share as a community, support and encouragement we can offer each other. 

Whilst I’m still discovering things for the first time, don’t assume I know anything. Continue to be patient with me as you have been during January as I’ve navigated the services as well as trying to be helpful on the phone. It feels a bit like moving house – it’s fun to watch the garden for the first 12 months to see what emerges from the earth and which shrubs flower. After that, you know where you want to dig.

Rev Claire