Fresh Youth Theatre

Fresh Youth Theatre

Fresh Youth Theatre is back again starting on 11 February with the production on 31 May and 1 June. 

FRESH theatre engages young people in a workshop environment with two seasons a year. Each season comprises an original play created by the team at FRESH and workshopped by the young people themselves.

Each play addresses a particular theme identified as an issue facing young people in society today. The young people are given the opportunity to engage in the vital questions and messages interactively through the characters they perform and the scenarios in which the performance engages them.

For our first season in 2019, we are focusing on the environment, a theme that was raised by the young people themselves last year.

This year, we have a new director Jordan Stack.  Jordan is also director at Whittlesea Fresh and is programme manager for all Fresh theatres. He is a professional actor with diverse experience.

Emily Dekker returns (that’s her married name for those about to correct me!) as our pastoral carer and we’ll have two assistant directors in Liz and Georgia to help everything run smoothly.

I’ll be there again building relationships with the families attending and covering some of the theatre manager’s role until we’ve found a replacement for Lisa – who could possibly replace Lisa we all cry! 

Please have a think if you have a couple of hours on a Monday you might be able to give to Fresh and the young people who attend.

This year, Jordan and Emily will be running some try-out workshops in schools before the actual workshops begin at the church. We wrote to schools at the end of last year and are now booking in dates to get the message out to new groups of young people.

Thanks for supporting the young people at Doncaster Playhouse last season. Thanks for all the meals and encouragement. If you want to know any details about Fresh or if you know a young person who might be interested, please speak to me.

Rev Claire