Ministry to Seniors – The Year Ahead

Ministry to Seniors – The Year Ahead

The Ageing Community Short-Medium Term:

To enhance the skills, resources (people and facilities) and structure within MUC to be able to understand and build upon the current church responses and to develop new initiatives in supporting people who are ageing within MUC and the wider community, to achieve our 10 year vision.

The Ageing community ministry is supported by a focused ‘Think Tank’ group of six people who work with the Aged Ministry Coordinator. With other interested volunteers this year we plan to…

  • continue the Seniors lunches and the Musical Memories
  • provide more support to those with dementia and their families/carers
  • provide opportunities for training for our elders and  congregational members
  • Implement a  new initiative to help those not attending worship to meet some of their ‘old friends’. More details later.

At short notice I was recently able to organize some of our volunteers/elders to be part of two training programs that MannaCare is offering to their volunteers.

The first one was ‘Enabling Eddie’ aimed at showing us through a Virtual Reality program what it is like for a person with dementia living at home.

Some comments from the participants included:-

“I found it very interesting and enlightening. Chris was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter.

The Virtual Reality exercises were excellent – if a bit scary. 

It was 3 hours well spent.”

“Very interesting to experience life from the perspective of dementia and some insights into how we may need to modify our homes and provide meaningful activities.”

“I found the workshop very enlightening and interesting, Several things talked about are quite pertinent for our new building.”

I will make enquiries from Dementia Australia to see if they are able to provide ‘Enabling Eddie’ for us at MUC.

Another opportunity exists on 11 February 12.00 noon to 2.00 pm to be part of a two hour program on Communication. I’m uncertain how many places we can use, but if anyone is interested pleased let me know ASAP.

Worship Services continue to be held in several of our Manningham Aged Care facilities and Retirement Villages.

It is an increasing trend, as people age, for the worship that is provided in their Retirement Villages to meet their needs and they no longer attend at MUC worship services.