Refugee and Asylum Seeker Presentation – Wellbeing Action Team

Refugee and Asylum Seeker Presentation – Wellbeing Action Team

At the invitation of the Vice Principal of Doncaster Secondary School Glenn Morris, Marion and I gave a presentation on the topic of Refugees and Asylum Seekers to the College’s Wellbeing Action Team

Those in attendance were, Acting Principal, Vice Principal, a range of College Staff, parents and one student.

The presentation included a 10 question Quiz, factual information relating to Refugees and Asylum Seekers and information about what MUC is doing in response to the issue and ways the college could be involved.

It was very well received with everyone in attendance indicating they learnt something.

The college is keen to partner with us to do something relating to Refugees and Asylum Seekers both this year (as part of their Community Outreach Week for year 9’s ) and next year.

Glenn wrote about our presentation in the college newsletter in which you can check out following this link:

A huge thank you to Marion for a most outstanding presentation and what I hope is a fruitful relationship between the college and Connections.

Opportunities for MUC next year at the college include:

Involvement in Breakfast Club that takes place on a Thursday morning and is led by Doncaster Church of Christ.

The newly trialled mentoring program run by Doncaster Church of Christ for year 10 boys which has been extremely successful this year, outcomes including:

  • The group finding ways to share emotions openly with one another and support each other.
  • Engagement in topics like love and respect.
  • Students voluntarily reporting improvement in mental health.

We’ve been invited to participate in planning and implementation of the mentoring program next year extending with a girls group.

Our input has been sought for activities that year 9 students could volunteer and engage with during this year’s Community Outreach Week 10–15 December. We could perhaps offer opportunities at our following programs:

  • Playgroups
  • English Classes
  • Packing toiletry bags / school back packs for new arrived Refugees o Activities alongside our aged care services /e.g. Christmas craft