Sammy Stamp Fund

Sammy Stamp Fund

It’s Christmas time again, time to send and receive cards with family and friends; time to save our stamps and place them in the boxes at Church. This year, up to and including 27/9/18, sales had reached $37,185.00 (same week last year $23,111.00). Who would imagine that used stamps could reap so much revenue!

The following grants have been approved:

(1) Frankston High Street Uniting Church to assist social enterprises for widows and single women in Punjab, India – $2,000;

(2) Frontier Services for High Country Victoria Remote Area – $4,000;

(3) Bush Chaplain support (tyres and mechanical maintenance for 1 year);

(4) Frontier Services for Drought Relief Appeal – $5,000.

This brings to $40,500 in grants approved so far this year.

Sammy Stamp and Westcare ask you again to save your stamps. Please leave as much around the stamp as you can for proper processing.