Spectrum update

Spectrum update

I don’t know whether it is just me or if my fellow Spectrum friends feel just the same, but I can’t quite believe the pace at which 2018 is drawing to a close, or the fact that Spectrum is now completed for this year. Equally unbelievable is that the committee has already completed the program for 2019. Well done to Lilian and her amazing computer skills.

After well over 50 years of operating we will no longer be meeting on the first Tuesday of the month. In 2019 we will be meeting more often in the church meeting room at Westfield Drive and as this is booked by the Men’s Fellowship on the first Tuesday it was a ‘no brainer’that really one of us needed to change. Spectrum will now meet, usually at 7.30pm on the second Tuesday sometimes in the intimacy of private homes and on others at the church.

The other change is that our 11 June meeting will be held at 1.30pm and our 13 August meeting will commence at 10.00am and take the form of a visit to Box Hill Town Hall where we shall be treated to both a tour and a lunch. Our other winter meeting however will remain at 7.30pm on 9 July and take the form of a video evening at the home of one of our members. There are hard and soft copies of our program available so if interested.

Our last two meetings of the year were really special and were a great way in which to conclude our program. On 2 October we met at Westfield Drive and welcomed our old friend Anne from ‘Cottage by the Sea’. Spectrum ladies have been very generous to this charity for several years now and again donated groceries, clothing, toys and games for Anne to stow away in her boot. Chris donated a carton of crayons which had been donated to the ‘shoe box’ appeal but not suitable for them to pack. Chris also attended to hear Anne which was greatly appreciated by Spectrum. Anne had a small stall set up at this meeting and together with a bowl on the supper table raised $215.

We learnt the exciting news that in 2019 the Cottage with the help of Federal Government. funding will be completely refurbished to allow children with physical disabilities attend the camps. She informed us that during 2017 the Cottage had 1230 children pass through its doors of which 200 were being raised by grandparents, 150 were indigenous, and 30 came from homes where English was the second language spoken. Spectrum is really proud to be assisting this charity which has now been running for 128 years.

Our last meeting was held on 13 November at Atkinson Street, commencing at 6.30pm. We firstly held the November meeting followed by the AGM and the evening concluded with the singing of carols, compered by Trishand accompanied by the talented and much valued Lauris . At 8.00pm we adjourned to Vibrante restaurant where we shared a festive meal. It was unfortunate that a blight seemed to fall on our group as we had eight apologies only two of which were for happy reasons, but we still had a good time even though our absent members were missed.

We would like to thank Carole, one of the original Bulleen members during which years Spectrum catered on quite a grand scale and thus were able to contribute to the cost of the Bulleen chapel refurbishment. She was president for many years and has served again for many years as vice president where her common-sense approach and level headed advice were greatly appreciated by committee members and members alike. Now that she and David spend so much time down at Phillip Island she wishes to step back a little though adamant she wishes to remain a Spectrum member.

The primary charter for Spectrum is building each other up in faith, friendship, loyalty, increasing our knowledge, and pastoral care plus we also like to raise money for charity. This is done solely through our $10 a year subs and our cake stalls. Thank you to our bakers, our sellers and our buyers. We also like to think that our stalls offer a service to the congregation, especially the older members, and we strive to maintain quality and reasonable prices.

During the period November 2017 – October 2018 we donated the following money to charity.

  • Let the Needy Smile             $200
  • Brain Cancer research                       $100
  • Porridge Pot Lady                $200
  • Tongan cyclone                                $200
  • Vanuatu Sailing ministry                  $200
  • EACH                                 $200
  • Farmers drought fund                       $400
  • Cottage by the Sea                $200.
  • A total of $1,700

In addition to this members donated goods generously to Cottage by the Sea, incontinence & sanitary items to Wesley Ringwood – homelessness, and toiletries to BWAHS which offers services in a number of locations to indigenous people.

In conclusion the ladies of Spectrum continue to assure you of a warm welcome should you decide to join us whether it be on an occasional or regular basis, and to wish the people of MUC a blessed Christmas season and a year ahead which hopefully will contain many happy times for us all.