Spring Together Intergenerational Camp at Merricks

Spring Together Intergenerational Camp at Merricks

It was great to see so many MUC people involved in the family camp. Fifty or so people stayed full time with more staying for one night or coming down for the day. We ended up with ninety people participating in the Sunday afternoon communion service.

The camp committee did a brilliant job of organisation, with Saturday activity sessions offering a range of diverse activities from which to choose. Each activity had a designated leader who coordinated the participants in activities ranging from walking, golf, foodie tour, music jam, craft, etc.

Highlight of the day was the construction for communion activities. One group, under the leadership of Stewart , built a communion table from scrap wood, with kids and adults sharing the sawing, drilling and bolting together. Another group led by Robert constructed a cross from driftwood supplied by Claire. A third group under the watchful eye of Lucas constructed a tree of life banner which now poses a sewing dilemma for Lynda. The fourth group guided by Shaz made a mosaic bowl – how good was that to break the tiles into little pieces? All four objects were then used on Sunday for the worship service.

Saturday night was a record-breaking event with small teams trying their hand at a variety of challenges, attempting to break the record of those who’d gone before. Before next year, start practising tearing Mintie papers, catching table tennis balls in a cup, transferring Maltezers from one bowl to another with a straw, balancing a broom handle on your finger or skipping rope.

Sunday morning the entire camp made its way to the beach for a morning of sun, sand and fun. Only a couple of adults braved the water but the kids didn’t seem to feel the cold.

A special word about the delicious and plentiful food organised by Lisa. Lisa did a brilliant job of organising volunteers to prepare meals, to say nothing of cooking seven lasagnes before she even made it to camp.

Talk to anyone who went to camp and you will hear glowing reports of the food, the camaraderie, the fun, the achievements, the quiet conversations and above all getting to know a lot more people who are part of the MUC family.

A HUGE thankyou to the team who organised the camp – these things don’t just happen without a massive time and effort commitment – and to all the people who led activities and participated so whole-heartedly. Special thanks to Lisa for feeding us all. Also special thanks to Merryn who put a lot of work into camp, organising much of it herself from first idea, research, through planning and execution!

If you missed camp this year, make sure you are there next year!


Camp was amazing because of the activities. The best thing about camp was all the friends and family. – Jacinta

Camp was super fun because I made lots of new friends and had fun with all of the activities.

The best thing about camp was the campfire. – Jessica

Camp was great because the church community was together sharing and doing things that are different to what we do on Sundays, and it gathered all skills, interests and abilities. Plus the food was fabulous! The best thing was sharing activities and worship that involved all generations equally, with great respect and appreciation. Everyone was involved as they chose, and we all did new things. – Colin and Wendy