Celebrate Ageing – Forget me Nots

Celebrate Ageing – Forget me Nots

The Fellowship@10 service led by Chris Mitchell  also focused on the story of the infant Jesus being received in the temple by Simeon and Anna both of whom had awaited the coming of the Christ and had lived righteous lives.

We put aside our thoughts about the theology of the wording and sung some old favourite hymns such as ‘Trust and Obey’ and ‘Blessed Assurance’ and Closed with returning to an old Sunday School chorus ‘We have an anchor’!

Over morning tea we enjoyed the delicious forget-me-not decorated cupcakes


At morning tea we saw many cup cakes made by some members of the congregation. On each cup cake, made by Jenny, was a forget-me-knot.

Symbols of the cup cakes with forget-me-nots.

(These are reflected in the Psalm of Praise written by Family@10 and printed in the September edition of our Monthly Magazine, page 16. The sentiments in italics are in the Psalm.)

The cup cakes themselves.   

The hospitality of GOD. ‘ Praise for all of life’s blessings’.

The heart.

The love of God, ‘Love God with hearts’ (The base.) which underpins and breathes life into all creation. ‘God is love. Let heaven adore Him.’

The green leaves.

Symbol of all creation, ‘a wonderful world filled with warm and loving light.’

The forget-me-nots.              

Memories of ‘faithful friends and family       members’ (of all ages ) who have nurtured us,’ supported us in times of trouble’ and helped us grow in wisdom. We will not      forget our faithful friends, especially those who are no longer with us; or who can’t be with us here today, or whose own   memories of ‘a wonderful world ‘ have begun to fade.