Celebrate Ageing – Woodhouse Grove’s Celebration

Celebrate Ageing – Woodhouse Grove’s Celebration

On the cusp of Dementia Awareness Month (September) and Victorian Seniors Celebration (October), services to celebrate ageing were held on 30 September in all MUC’s worship locations.

At both Fellowship@10 and Woodhouse Grove people were encouraged to exhibit the freedom to dress as they pleased in the spirit of Jenny Joseph’s poem‘Warning’ Over morning tea we shared cupcakes decorated with forget-me-knots lovingly prepared by Jenny.

With a red hat on my head, 30 plus cupcakes each beautifully decorated with a small iced forget-me-not were placed on a small table within the congregation.    The service commenced with the hymn ‘What a friend we have in Jesus’, after which we shared Megan’s poem, explained the forget-me-knot symbols and reflected on our need as a faith community to be connected.

After the final hymn those present were asked to come and take a cup cake from the table. Some were hesitant, and then someone came forward, then others, until all had a cupcake in their hand!

Cupcakes uncollected remained on the table.    “Can everyone look around and identify anyone you know who is not here today”, I asked. Names were quietly mentioned at first. “Well who is going to come and collect a cupcake for David.” I asked. Individuals offered to take a cup cake to those named and not present.

“What about Maureen” I asked. “She has moved down to Frankston” someone said. Does anyone think we should take a cup cake down to her? I asked. “Well, she is now connected with the Frankston Uniting church”. There was a pause.  “How long did Maureen worship at The Grove” I asked. “Well she must have been part of The Grove community for something like 60 years” was the response. Then an offer was made to take a cup cake to Maureen in Frankston.

We were reminded through poem and forget-me knot decorated cupcakes that we live to be connected – to have social interaction.

Regardless of where our people are, or their present status in life, they are and will always be part of us. The challenge is for us to create opportunities for all our people to continue to enjoy this sense of being connected, cared for and loved.