Minister Note – October 2018

Minister Note – October 2018

Prayer is a vital part of the life of a faith community – personal prayer and corporate or communal prayer. It doesn’t matter where or when you pray, or even how you pray, it’s the fact that you spend time communicating with the Spirit of God. We all know this!

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that it’s very difficult to remain cross with someone you pray for, so I seem to pray a lot for Peter Dutton! Joking
apart, prayer can help us to find focus, to be re-inspired, to be soothed, and to debrief our days and our trials. God has broad shoulders and, as some
of the psalms show us, it’s ok to get angry with God and ‘let rip’.

I was talking to a minister recently and he mentioned to me that we don’t, as a community, often say a prayer of confession during our services, and he quite is correct. Our liturgies have changed over time but confessing to our sins, whether they be personal or corporate, is important. We need to acknowledge that we’ve made a mistake, apologise with sincerity, and then take steps to put it right.

We often find the last bit the hardest to do as we don’t always want to put it right as it doesn’t actually suit us. Then we wonder how sorry we actually are, or are we just sorry we got caught. There are many personal examples I could share here, but I won’t!

Prayer builds community, it builds relationships. When we pray together as a community of faith, we join our voices together in praise and in requesting help. We know God isn’t going to wave a magic wand over problems but praying about something can clear our heads, it can strengthen us.

In November, we will be offering everyone in the congregation the chance to join a prayer chain. The chains will be small and include all ages. Prayer
chains are not new to Manningham – the chains that currently exist will continue with their faithful work. November will offer the chance for everyone
to join together in small chains, and as community, and spend time in prayer for people, situations, places in the world.

Look out in November for more details, but in the meantime, why not ask a friend if there is anything in his/her life you can pray for? It’s amazing the conversations that result.

Grace and peace,
Rev Claire