Vision and Hopes

Vision and Hopes

Some of the vision and hopes for the new development at Templestowe are:

  • a place where it is evident that visitors, guests, volunteers, staff and church members are welcome, highly valued and well catered for.
  • an inspiring place, both by design and in its daily operation that ensures sustainability is paramount and the development is environmentally responsible and resource efficient.
  • to recognise the traditional owners of the land, valuing the first peoples’ history and stewardship of the land.
  • a place where people from all backgrounds can mingle in play, recreation and meaningful community building relationships through a great variety of activities and worship.

“It will be home to opportunities we create, offer and accept from others, to be a diverse and welcoming community connection point and a place for all ages and all different perspectives where love, caring and acceptance is shared, where each person who enters wide open doors can feel respected and where new ideas and ways are embraced”

Wendy – MUC Member

“A hub that advocates and works for promoting a change for good, a refuge for the lost, the hurt and the marginalised and a holy place that allows us to connect to the sacred” 

Don – MUC Member

“It will provide great spaces and opportunities in which everyone in our local community can engage and grow, with a real sense of belonging”

Chris – MUC Member