A Grand Stand for the Environment Inc.

In 2006 a group of grandparents/seniors met to express concern about the growing threat of climate change and its impact upon the earth.  How would threats to viable sustainability affect the lives of future generations and the natural world?  What response could we offer to make a difference?

Over the ten years since, many Community Forums, supported
by the Manningham City Council, are one of the outcomes of
this seminal meeting.  Our particular emphasis has always
been “human identity” – who are we really?  Speakers from a
widerange of disciplines have informed, challenged and
inspired audiences in addressing the over-arching spiritual
question of discerning a proper human relationship with the earth.  We believe fundamental source of healing our fractured
relationships with our planet lies in understanding ourselves
as inherently part of earth, fully dependent upon her bounty
and blessing for survival.

Art, poetry, ritual and music add richness to events and our
quest to present an integrated opportunity that raises
awareness and a deeper consciousness of ‘the human condition.’

Workshops, film showings and small group “Table Talk”
gatherings are further expressions of our quest  to make the facts plain and support action towards change in attitudes and policies.