Building Project update

Building Project update

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Background  Manningham Uniting Church (MUC) is redeveloping its Templestowe site to create a new Manningham Uniting Church & Community Centre. The purpose of this new MUC & Community Centre is to be a truly inclusive, welcoming, safe place where people can be who they are, find connection, discover meaning, offer their experiences and learn from others. It welcomes the community as equal partners in the daily sharing of its spaces and is to be a place offering options for positive…

Building Progress Photo update

See below the photographs capturing the recent progress on the Manningham UC and Community Centre. Thanks to David for his time photographing the buildings progress.

The City over the hill

Rev. Peter Aumann has recently written a fascinating paper on his recollections of the early years of Templestowe Presbyterian Church (Templestowe Uniting/Manningham Uniting) which he has generously made available for our members to read. It is to be published by the church Historical Society but can be accessed on here if you would like to read the full text.


A 125-year anniversary is called a quasquicentennial. This word is pronounced ‘kwos-kwi-sen-ten-ee-uhl’ and it may be used as a noun or an adjective. Thanks to Wikipedia. The Templestowe congregation of the current Manningham Uniting Church was established in July 1895 and the historic weatherboard church that is currently undergoing restoration was built and opened in 1896. So, 2020 is the 125th anniversary of the founding of the Manningham Uniting Church in Templestowe as the Templestowe Presbyterian Church, as a new…

Timber Church New location

Timber Church finally came to rest in its new location. Its relocation has taken a much longer time than planned due to delays in obtaining necessary approvals for preliminary works around it. Delay to the overall completion date has been avoided by allowing the Contractor early access to the rest of the site. The retaining wall along the western boundary has been completed. Bulk earthworks is nearing completion and detailed excavation for footings and below ground services is underway.

Demolition Of the Hub

The building project is moving along… The building that housed the Hub on the Templestowe site has now been demolished. Thanks David for capturing this occasion! If you need to contact the Ministry team and the Administration Hub, it is now located at 20 Westfield Dr, Doncaster. The contact details remain the same: 03 9846 2012; info​


During the early part of the 1990s it became apparent that the Bulleen Uniting Church in Kenneth Street was struggling, both financially and in limited active personnel within our membership. It was apparent that our Church, which had been so active during the formative years of the Bulleen district was unlikely to continue in its present form. With heavy hearts we engaged in conversations with Doncaster Uniting Church with the aim of instituting a merger of our two congregations, To…

Playgroup in new surroundings…

Many thanks to the amazing band of helpers who helped us move all the Playgroup toys, furniture and outdoor equipment into the church including upstairs onto the balcony and down to the cave. The removal of some pews has allowed for a fabulous space for Playgroup and the veranda is a great spot to ride bikes and cars as well as looking over the edge to all the work going on below. Morning tea is fun to have on the…


After almost 6 years of operation the Shared Garden has made way for our new development. This is an exciting time, but also a little sad for the small group of gardeners who have nurtured it for that time. It has been very successful. Happier times were when playgroup children visited to pick strawberries, tomatoes and other produce; morning teas enjoyed by gardeners and others, working bees to set up the planter boxes with shared refreshments; plant stalls for the…

Farewell upper hall

In anticipation of the hand over of the Upper Hall to the builders tomorrow, the last event was held there today.From next week Young Explorers and morning tea will be relocating to another part of the Templestowe site.
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