Fresh Production – Fail Happy

Fresh Production – Fail Happy

Manningham Fresh Youth Theatre this season attempted something very different from any of the shows they have presented in the past.

Our Freshies over this past season have been working hard in our workshops, but they haven’t learnt a single line! That’s because there were no lines to learn!

Those who came along to ‘Fail Happy’ were asked for a ‘one word suggestion’ and with no script prepared the Freshies took the word, pulled it apart, transformed it and put it back together as they created a whole show based on that one word suggestion. This is an incredibly hard task to do, but the Freshies threw themselves fully into it.

Over the season they learnt the rules of how to make good improvisation. If you just throw two untrained people on stage, a scene isn’t going to go anywhere, but put two improvisers up and they have the knowledge and skills to turn any moment, any topic into a riveting piece of theatre.

Because of the improvisation each show was different causing several people to attend all three performances!

Many thanks to all who support Manningham Fresh by attending performances and also to the many ladies of the congregation who provide dinner each week and to the members of the Community Building Team who supply afternoon tea each week