Somers Youth Leadership Conference 27 April 2019

Somers Camp is now 62 years old and has been taking over 100 young people from years 3 to 10 on camp in the July school
holidays to spend time together, to hear the Good News and to
just be themselves. 40 leaders join us aged 16/17 plus. They are trained in general leadership skills, how to have faith
conversations, Safe Church and the values and ethos of the
Uniting Church.

The leadership conference is offering the Saturday 27 April 2019 as a general leadership training day for any young people and young adults.  The church council agreed we could send a few
young people from our church free of charge.  I will be tapping
young people on the shoulder and I have approached Doncaster Secondary to see if they are interested.

Please spread the word far and wide that this opportunity is
available for only $95 for a full day’s training, all the resources
plus loads of food all day long.
  Somers Camp acknowledges the continued financial support of Richmond Uniting Church in being able to offer this training opportunity.
Rev Claire

Click to see conference flyer